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    baoquyen3005 Guest

    "Assassin's Creed" đấu võ lộ diện quy tụ dàn diễn viên ngôi sao của Ubisoft

    UI Designer/Artist Benoit Perreault worked for Ubisoft from 2004 to March 2012. On his online portfolio - in the section showing his video game work and assets, he lists the three images I'm posting here.

    The disclaimer is ambiguous. The images could possibly be his own personal work, but I doubt it for the following reasons:
    • The images are listed with his industry work, strongly suggesting they were a part of his career.
    • The images list a specific format (XBLA, PSN (likely a misspelling of PNS)) - fan-art world have no reason to list a target format.
    • He worked for Ubisoft for seven years and now works for Eidos. There is no reason I can fathom that he'd be creating Ubisoft fanart during his new career at Eidos.
    • The images are located in a URL subdirectory called "Projects" alongside his other professional work - suggesting the game was a Ubisoft project at one point.
    Therefore I think Assassin's Creed Duel is a Ubisoft game that never made it past early development. It was either abandoned while still in its concept stages, or developed and cancelled early before any announcement was made of its existence.

    I have never played an Assassin's Creed game yet, so I'm not best placed to scrutinise the screenshots. It does seem to be a 2.5D fighter though.
    ​Những hình ảnh được cho là game đánh võ quy tụ dàn diễn viên ngôi sao của Ubisoft trong đó có đầy đủ các nhân vật trong loạt series "Assassin Creed" được công bố từ năm 2004 cho tới nay .​

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    MandySower Guest
    lol =]] AC chuyễn sang song đấu lun rùi à :"> .... look fun

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    Rakusot Guest
    Có cả Rayman =)))))) toàn sao của Ubi :">

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    huynhthanhchau Guest
    Nhìn hấp dẫn thế

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    LamarNason Guest
    mới chỉ là ý tưởng thôi
    Đọc dòng "concepts and ideas for an Assassin Creed fighting game ( XBLA , PNS ) " dưới mấy cái ảnh xem

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